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Your Raised Temperature Piping Solution!

  1. Environmentally Resilient: POLY-PERT™ pipes are built to thrive in diverse environmental conditions, offering unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV radiation, and abrasion.
  2. Temperature Versatility: From extreme cold to high heat, POLY-PERT™ excels in handling a wide range of fluid temperatures. Its exceptional thermal stability guarantees consistent performance, even in the most demanding temperature fluctuations.
  3. High-Pressure Performance: Engineered to withstand rigorous operating pressures, POLY-PERT™ pipes deliver unwavering performance under challenging conditions. With fusible joints, superior strength, flexibility and durability, you can trust POLY-PERT™ to eliminate the risk of leaks and bursts.
  4. Lifespan Flexibility: POLY-PERT™ offers customers the unique option to increase the system's temperature if the lifespan is less than the design life of 114 years at 73°F. This adaptability ensures longevity tailored to your specific needs, for example capable of handling temperatures up to 230°F, for 1 year only. Lower temperatures provide longer service life.
  5. Water Hammer Resistant: POLY-PERT™ pipes are designed to combat water hammer effects, absorbing energy from sudden changes in fluid flow velocity. Their flexibility and toughness mitigate the risk of pipe damage, ensuring uninterrupted system reliability.

What is the
Pipe System?

ISO PERT TYPE II Class V pipe is the next evolution of Polyethylene Pipe System products. It is extruded and molded from Total Chemical’s XRT-70 resin for higher performance is used for the following conditions:

  • Raised Temperature up to 180°F, flowing hot-waters up to 180-psi pressure through POLY-PERT™ of various DR’s.
  • Highly aggressive chemicals, hydrocarbons, highly oxidative environments, hot waters, hot brackish waters, cold waters.
  • PERT under ISO Standards allows the engineer to select the appropriate DR (wall thickness) on the following factors.
    1. The temperature of fluid
    2. The operating pressure
    3. The minimum timeline
    4. Flow-stream chemical composition

What makes POLY-PERT™ so special is that you can use it at temperatures above 140°F up to 180°F, in standard DRs, matched to the pressure requirements of the pipeline.

Raised Temp HDPE

Pipe Diameter 2” to 24” in various DR’s (wall thicknesses less than 2.25”)

  • Oil & Gas Produced Fluids–Flow Lines- Gathering Lines--Injection Lines
  • Oil Patch Produced HOT Brackish Water
  • Coal Bed Methane
  • Chemical Plant Pipes
  • Water Injection Flowlines
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Industrial Processes

PE-RT Industrial Applications

  • Oil & Gas Produced Fluids–Flow Lines- Gathering Lines--Injection Lines
  • Oil Patch Produced HOT Brackish Water
  • Coal Bed Methane
  • Chemical Plant Pipes
  • Water Injection Flowlines
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Industrial Processes

Use Case Examples

Oil Field Process Water Midland, TX - 7,200 LF

Hot Water System College Station, TX - 14,680 LF

Hot Water System Stillwater, OK - 1,600 LF

Oil Field Process Water Permian Basin, TX - 10,000 LF

ISO Certifications

PERT is defined by ISO standards and has been used globally for over 40 years:

  • ISO 10508: Defines Characteristics and Test Requirements for PERT Type II , Class V.
  • ISO 9080: PERT Stress Life Prediction Curves at Varying Temperatures
  • ISO 22391: “Plastics piping systems for hot and cold water installations–PolyEthylene of Raised Temperature Resistance (PE-RT)” ....PERT Pipe System Design Considerations (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • ISO 13760: “Miner’s Rule” applied to plastic pipe conveying pressurized fluids
  • ISO 13761: Pressure reduction factors for polyethylene pipeline systems used at temperatures above 20°C (68°F)
  • ISO 15494: PERT Raised Temperature Thermoplastics
  • ISO 24033: PERT–Time, Temperature, Expected Strength
  • ISO 21307: PERT Butt fusion jointing procedures for polyethylene (PE) piping systems
  • ISO 12162: Polyethylene Pipe Pressure Design-Coefficient “C”.

Unlock Unparalleled Performance

PE4710PE-RT - The Ultimate Choice Material! Elevate your Projects with Superior Mechanical Strength, WeldingEase, Sag Resistance, Flexibility, Creep Resilience, and Unmatched Toughness!

ISO™ PE100 -vs- ASTM™ PE4710

POLY-PERT™ Pressure Ratings

Enhanced Pressure Capacity

Understanding the Tighter ISO Performance Envelope of POLY-PERT Pipes

In simpler terms, when we talk about a tighter "ISO" performance envelope, it means we're using a stricter conservative design coefficient "C" to assign the Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP). The end result is POLY-PERT™ pipe having a slightly higher capacity to handle pressure compared to the "ASTM" standards. POLY-PERT™ material has been extensively tested and fulfills all the requirements of a PERT Type II class 5 material according to the ISO 24033 standard.

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